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Curriculum Development

The curriculum reflects a sequence of 12 units based on the content of the stage I (formulaic) topics in the California world language standards. However, since there were 15 themes in the state standards and 12 units required by the FLAP grant, some content themes were combined where it made sense conceptually. This list of topics was then distributed and elaborated into weeklong connected lesson sequences. The lessons are provided in PDF format for downloading in each grade span: elementary, middle, and high school. Refer to those webpages to access the lessons. For a Word document version of lesson plans, please contact Sally Fox.

How to Use These Lessons (PDF)
Description and explanation of the structure of the curriculum unit template along with examples of how to select activities and content for a week (4-5 hours) of lessons.

Mandarin Lesson Template (RTF)
With a goal of implementing the new world language standards, this lesson template was designed using an existing template that had been created for the SB 1292 Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English (SDAIE) course curriculum as a guide.

Daily Lesson Template (RTF)
A sample planning template for a 30- to 60-minute world language lesson using the principles of into-through-beyond or prepare the learner-interact with text-extend understanding for the lesson design.

Sample Mandarin Tones Lesson (RTF)
A lesson plan explaining the tones and utilizing visual, auditory, and kinesthetic modalities to assist older English-speaking students of Mandarin in developing phonemic awareness (tone is a non-segmental phoneme) and appropriate pronunciation in Mandarin.

Strategies Matrix: Teaching Strategies for World Language Classrooms (PDF)
A compilation of instructional strategies from many resources over decades of language teaching, with descriptions to aid teachers of Mandarin in implementing the curriculum units.

Below is the list of topics for each unit.

Content for Stage 1 – “Formulaic” Language Acquisition
Based on the California K-12 World Language Standards
UNIT 1 My Daily World Compared to My Chinese World
UNIT 2 Animals People Love and Take Care of As Pets, Here and in China
UNIT 3 My Home and Neighborhood Compared to Chinese Homes and Neighborhoods
UNIT 4 Special Times Throughout the Year – Here and in China
UNIT 5 Having Fun at Home and Elsewhere
UNIT 6 School Buildings and the Building Blocks of Learning
UNIT 7 History is Important in Every Country
UNIT 8 People Young and Old Have Jobs to Do
UNIT 9 Food is Special at Home or in Restaurants
UNIT 10 Shopping for Clothes the Year Round
UNIT 11 Taking Care of My Body and My Health
UNIT 12 Technology Helps Get Things Done

Language Acquisition

How students reach competence in a new language to listen, speak, read, and write at high levels of proficiency.

Curriculum Development

Sample units for elementary, middle, and high school Mandarin Chinese classes developed based on the California K-12 world language standards.

Language Instruction and Student Engagement

Video clips and other information to illustrate best practices in language teaching, specifically demonstrating lessons in the WORLD: Guānxì curriculum units.

Administrative Support

Resources and information to assist school and district administrators in planning, implementing, and improving Mandarin Chinese programs.

Chinese Teacher Exchange Program

Interviews, information, and resources from a program in San Diego County with 18 years of experience hosting guest teachers from a sister school in China.
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